Bringing our technology to the users: promoting LARA system to international major events

23-26 May 2016, Geospatial World Forum 2016, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

LARA project, as an ongoing H2020 success project of producing equipment for construction surveyors that is Galileo enabled, was invited at the GSA workshop within the framework of the Geospatial World Forum 2016 that took on Tuesday, the 26th of May 2016.
The purpose of the workshop, titled “Impact of Geospatial Information on Society and Economy” (link here) was to highlight the E-GNSS status, services and key features to the geospatial community, to stimulate the dialogue on the benefits of Galileo in geospatial applications, Galileo adoption at the equipment level and ultimately open the discussion on potential usage of Galileo Authentication feature.
LARA project coordinator presented basic facts as well as the current technical developments and marketing priorities of the project and participated in the round table discussion of the workshop “Benefits and key-features of the European Global Navigation Satellite System (E-GNSS) for the Geospatial World” moderated by the GSA (link here).

LARA system to international major events LARA system to international major events

30 May – 3 June 2016, European Space Solutions, The Hague, Netherlands.
LARA project participated in the European Space Solutions 2016, which was under the auspices of the 2016 Dutch Presidency of the Council of the EU. For a full working week, from 30/5/2016 until 3/6/2016, LARA presented the current project’s developments at the conference exhibition which featured a hands-on showcase of over 50 innovative space applications, technology solutions and cutting-edge research results from across Europe, including a special focus on space applications in The Netherlands.
Mr. Kostas Smagas of GeoImaging Ltd, coordinating party of the project and Mr. Alain Pagani of the DFKI, partner of LARA project accommodated visitors of the LARA booth and offered a live demo show of the augmented reality modules of the LARA system.

1-4 June 2016, 2nd EWaS International Conference, Chania, Greece.
LARA project was presented at the 2nd EWaS International Conference: “Efficient & Sustainable Water Systems Management toward Worth Living Development” ( which took place in Chania, Greece 1-4 June. Members of the LARA partner, DEYAK during the third day of the conference under the 2nd Technical meeting of the project DRINKADRIA ( made a presentation about LARA system as a major part of their participation into new technologies and research programs.


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