Validating user requirements and system architecture: Results from the second LARA meeting in Birmingham, UK

LARA project concluded successfully its second meeting that took place the 21st and 22nd of May 2015 in Birmingham, UK. This milestone meeting confirmed the ending of the architecture design for LARA system and signaled the beginning of the implementation on all basic technological challenges. During the meeting all partners discussed progress on the ongoing deliverables of WP2 that attempts to specify in details the overall system architecture and user requirements. Moreover, the consortium drew a precise implementation chart towards faster integration of the different modules that will lead to an additional prototype named LARA prototype v. 0, 5 well in advance before the official release of LARA v.10.

During the last part of the first day of the meeting, our UK partner – Birmingham City Council (BCC) – organized a workshop with local industry stakeholders who provided in a round table discussion valuable feedback on the possible uses of LARA system and validated the specification documents for the overall architecture. More specifically, stakeholders from British Gas and ITM power answered a set of 70 questions regarding their expectations from the LARA device in terms of desired accuracy, modules, visualization, interoperability and user interface.

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