Birmingham City Council (BCC)

Birmingham City Council (BCC)  is a leading European business destination, with the city and surrounding area home to 75,000 companies, an annual economic output of over £21 billion and employment for 529,000 people. The City’s population in 2011 was 1,073,045 with projections by 2031 for 1,223,045, which will increase the pressure on the sustainability of the city as well as the built and natural environment. Birmingham is looking to improve energy efficiency of domestic, commercial & industrial buildings, reducing energy demand requirements to heat & power the city. It aims to create a holistic strategy for the future of Birmingham’s energy and transport infrastructure, by investing in the development of low carbon decentralised energy generation and re-fuelling infrastructure, above and below ground, developing sources of energy and alternative low/zero carbon fuels and storage technology as well as using waste and resources more effectively.