SignalGeneriX Ltd

SignalGenerix Ltd (SG) is a Cypriot R&D company doing cutting edge research and development in the fields of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Communications. The company is based in Limassol but operates as expert providers of DSP and Communications technologies realised both in hardware and software for a wide network of clients and collaborators throughout Europe.

SG demonstrates long established experience in developing new products and processes in DSP and Communications. The company is deeply involved in Research and Development and has amassed a broad portfolio of intellectual property rights covering core signal processing algorithms, telecommunication networks wireless sensor applications and medical systems. Our range of products includes among others low powered sensor nodes, smart antennas, intelligent power management, DSP processes and advanced remote monitoring platforms, FPGA platforms, miniature ECG Data acquisition hardware, wearable sensors, emergency telemedicine systems, patient activity detection systems and hardware for rehabilitation robotics systems.