GeoImaging Ltd (GEO)

GeoImaging Ltd (GEO) is a SME based in Cyprus, established in 2002 at Nicosia. The company offers scientific and professional solutions in IT and Geo-informatics. It is also active in R&D programmes, in EU & national funded projects and provides consultations services as well. GeoImaging goal is to support its clients and partners in the responsible and successful completion of projects. The products and services span state-of-the art knowledge and technology from spatial/image information acquisition, processing, analysis to representation and visualisation. The area of projects’ that GeoImaging is acting concerns Geo-informatics and IT in the broader extent, i.e. Software development, Mobile & Web applications, Geographical Information Systems, Geo-databases & Data Mining, Photogrammetry & Computer Vision, Remote Sensing, Imaging, 3D modelling, Cartography, Surveying. Currently, GeoImaging is running several FP7 projects (SME, SiS) such as Champi-ON, DE- MONTES, NUTRISTAT, SCOLIO-SEE, RESPONSIBILITY, one EUROSTARS project (FORSAT) and one AAL project (T&Tnet). GeoImaging has successfully finished 4 research projects under FP7 (ICT, SiS, TPT, ENV): RADICAL, ETHICAL, REACT, OBSERVE.